Friday, August 13, 2010

Its been a while....

Its been a while since my last post about the gift..
I've been busy these past few weeks. My sister just recovered from her leg surgery, my housemaid is sick and she can't do her job until next month, and i have to finish my thesis. but thanks God everything goes well now. well...have i told you about my roombox? I decided to make a miniature general store with it.
i started with finding the perfect flooring for the store.i'm using a parquet/real wood floor. then, making the shelf for display, I paint them with wood stain.

and here are some minis i've made. all of these minis are handmade, except the crates, sacks and bottles. i buy them online. If you can see me now, you'll see the dark circle under my eyes because it takes extra effort to make all of these mini stuffs..

*sneak peak behind the scene........*
i need more stuffs to fill the shelfs... still so many minis to make.....
What color should i paint the wall? plain white is all i'm thinking about, but i think it will be so boring.... what do you think?