Tuesday, June 22, 2010

chocolate cake, then ready to go! Summer holiday!! :D

dear readers,

I spent last 2 weeks with doing all the things that should have done before my vacation. cleaning my house, re-arrange my closet, bathing my dog, paying house bills, grocery checklist, finishing questionnaire final draft (for the thesis), then packing. my boyfriend help me pack all the stuffs that i need,so hopefully i don't left anything. i remember how bad was it when i left my facial cleansing soap.

All the things are done, and i have little time to mini baking. Actually i have no idea what to make, but I'm addicted to chocolate lately, so this is my chocolate cake. Looks like its ready to cut..

And i want to welcome all of my new followers.... thank you for following my blog, and i really love to hear what you all say about my mini works  and thank you for adding me on facebook!! well, my flight is 2 hours from now..i have to get ready to the airport!! off to Singapore.
I hope you enjoy your summer!! :)


Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Mini Muffins...yumm...

Muffins, everyone? still hot...fresh from the oven..

Chocolate, chocolate chips and blueberry muffins..


p.s : I apologize for bad picture quality, i've tried every angle to take the best picture.. 


15 first followers !!

woww i'm so happy!!
thank you for following my blog! :D

Enjoy the cupcakes...

Monday, June 7, 2010

♥Playing with chocolate and sprinkles

Dear readers,
remember what i said 2 weeks ago about my terrible and exhausting week? well thanks God its all done now. we got the hotels, and we're staying at 3 different hotels in Singapore. The holiday is 2 weeks from now, i'm so exciting and in a holiday mood already ;D

So,I made some minis, some chocolate donuts, eclair, and cake. i also made vintage mini cook books.
Oh yes, I decide to share some pictures in my facebook account. So just click here if you want to be my friends on facebook :)

Have a super fun week!