Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Miniature Wonderland Is Now On Instagram!

I'm happy to announce that Miniature Wonderland is now on Instagram! :)
Due to my daily activities, it might not possible for me to regularly posting on the blog. Well, I've planned to make at least one post every weekend, but I guess it doesn't work that way.. (Am I the only one who feel this or do you have the same experience..?)
So I would like to thank you anyone who invented this kind of technology, at least I could post anything, anywhere. If you don't find me blogging for a long time, please check me on my instagram.
I'm hoping this will keep Miniature Wonderland alive, and will keep inspiring everyone:) If you have instagram account, you can find and follow me easily, just click the link or button bellow!

Miniature Wonderland On Instagram




Friday, May 10, 2013

Another progress on the Mini Store Project

Here are some pictures I took from my miniature project. It's almost done! but I feel like I need to put some details in the scene..

I got the wall cabinet, shovel and garden fork from my dear friend Ira, Merry Jingle Crafts. I wonder how is she doing now..

Sometimes I feel like I'm stuck. I have no idea what should I do with details to make the scene more realistic :(.  I'm desperate for inspirations!! Lately I've been busy with my wedding preparations (yes, I'm getting married :):) ), my fiance and I are looking for a house now, and we found that its not easy to find a perfect house for us. So hopefully, I will find the house, and the inspirations.. soon.. :)
And of course, I will be more than happy to hear any ideas about what details should I make to make it more realistic :)

Hope everyone have a great week!



Thursday, May 2, 2013

My love for cakes and dessert

I never realize how much I love cakes and dessert until yesterday, I went out with my dear friend who just moving back home after living in Toronto for 8 years. She told me that she got something for me. Yes, its Mille Crepe, one of my favorite cake. Well, someone is finally open a home made mille crepe for online order in town.
She gave me lemon mille crepe, and I promise her to make a mini version of it. So this is it, my mille crepe cake, especially made for my dear friend Finency, and to everyone in this blog. Enjoy!