Monday, June 7, 2010

♥Playing with chocolate and sprinkles

Dear readers,
remember what i said 2 weeks ago about my terrible and exhausting week? well thanks God its all done now. we got the hotels, and we're staying at 3 different hotels in Singapore. The holiday is 2 weeks from now, i'm so exciting and in a holiday mood already ;D

So,I made some minis, some chocolate donuts, eclair, and cake. i also made vintage mini cook books.
Oh yes, I decide to share some pictures in my facebook account. So just click here if you want to be my friends on facebook :)

Have a super fun week!


  1. They look really delicious and I love the colour of the roses :)

  2. hi Ira, :)
    its simple, just mix yellow, white and a little bit of red.. then you just got my roses! :)


  3. Have to try it, I'm just so hopeless with Fimo and I always get tons of dog hair stuck in it :D

    I really love the work you do, do you sell them somewhere?

  4. Me too!i have a dog too! i think we have the same problem here..XD
    2 weeks ago, i asked my mom to put one more lamp on my work desk, so i can see clearly if there's any canon's hair (my dog) in my clay..

    you're a talented miniature artist Ira, i love your minis! its amazing, especially your doll house and bags! you're gonna be just great with your Fimo creations. all you have to do is don't give up and try again if it doesn't turn out good ;)

    uhmm No, but i think about it a lot lately. i really want to start my own miniature business but i just don't know how yet.. I saw some artist sell their work on Etsy. But i don't know how it works..
    i'm thinking about opening a local miniature store in my city someday..

    how about you, Ira? do you sell your miniatures?

  5. Good to hear that someone else is having dog hair problems :D

    And no, don't sell them either, but have been thinking about Etsy - it's really not complicated, you just open yourself an account and then open your shop, they have really good instructions and information in their pages, go and see :)

    I just have to practise a bit more to make my minies better, as I tend to have glue marks on them also :D

    I think that your Fimo food would be a hit, especially the prep boards :)

    And thank you for your nice words :)

  6. I love love love those donuts! I think you should consider selling these on Etsy. I have an Etsy shop and it is a lot easier than you think to start. It is not expensive and you have nothing to lose!

    Beautiful cookbooks too. Carol xox

  7. Hi carol,

    Thank you for your nice words..! ;]
    Yes,I've been thinking about it a lot and still learn about it. You know that everyone suggest me to open my own etsy store.
    Maybe i can ask you more about using etsy someday :)

    I love your works too Carol! Its fabulous!


  8. Hi Christina,
    You make lovely miniatures, they're just so wonderful!

    By the way welcome to Singapore, may you enjoy your stay here! :D

    Shannie Ong