Monday, July 12, 2010

A beautiful witch

I got an award from my friend Nuria ~
Thank you Nuria :):)

ok, here'e the spell:

"Eye of toad, frog legs, good luck all week!
Bat wings, tail worm, now and always be very happy!
Hippo Teeth, horns of a dragon, that no one ever hurt your heart!
Teeth snake, dog bones, NEVER forget that I love you!
Cat Nails, chicken feathers, God save you swine flu! "
broom, broom, which each year makes me more beautiful.Toad, frog, and this year I go mejorcito. Caldero, Calderito, the little money I abound"

According to Nuria's Instructions, If in 2010 you want to enjoy good luck, 7 witches in your blog has to copy. 

and the 7 witches are...
Ira ~
Ascension ~
Anthoula ~
Lainie ~
Caterina ~
Michelle ~
Witchy Wonders~

Wishing you all have a great week :)


  1. No me habia dado cuenta que habia una brujita para mi!!!!!!
    Muchisimas gracias, las brujitas traen buena suerte, seguro que a ti tambien te la traeran, te la mereces!!!
    besitos ascension

  2. Ya la he subido a mi blog!!
    besitos ascension