Thursday, July 22, 2010

The package arrived today!!! :D :D

The give away package from Ira (merry jingle craft) arrived today!! i'm so excited and so surprise because i don't expect it will arrived so fast.

Canon looks so excited and curious too!! :):)

and here they are....the lovely gardening set....

I love those gardening books!!

I'm so sooryy about the bird...i didn't notice "a thing" that lying on the shelf is a lovely little bird, because its just lying there when i open the package and I'm too excited, so i think its a rock or something..... =p but i'm gonna fix it soon,promise..

Thank you again,Ira!! Your miniatures are wonderful, and definitely makes me happy!! you're a lovely, genius and super talented miniaturist! i'm a big fan of your minis!! :D I'm planning to put some of them in my latest project, which is still in progress (and top secret!! ;)) and the rest will be the part of my minis scene!! excited!! :D hopefully i can give you something in return someday, and surely one of my best minis! :)

mini hugs,


  1. Oh I'm so happy that it arrived this fast! And more happy that you like them :) The bird is difficult to stay at place, I have to find somewhere some glue that holds the metal pieces on place :)


  2. Indeed you are very lucky to receive such wonderful things from Ira. I laughed about the bird - maybe he's just taking a nap after such a long flight ;)

  3. I'm surprised too, Ira! i wonder how far Finland is....and when i post it on twitter, my friends said "its really cool!!" :D
    I think i will use another glue to fix it, because it seems like glue gun cannot hold the bird, its too heavy.. But we'll see...:)


  4. Hi Norma,
    thank you...:) i laughed too when i realize that it is a bird. I didn't know it until i open the photos on the computer..silly me....=P you're right, maybe he's just too tired :D~
    Glad that its easy to fix, so hopefully the bird will be back right on the place :)

  5. congratulations, all is wonderful, you're so lucky...greetings and thank you for follow my blog... best wishes

  6. Oh, so cool! And so many! What lovely items all. :) You're a lucky girl. :)

  7. thank you everyone :):)
    wishing you all have a wonderful weekend!! :)