Saturday, July 10, 2010

Very busy day of baking.....

looks like someone is busy baking and decorating all of those cakes..

Coffee and strawberry buttercream cake....

my mom will celebrate her birthday on july 13. and i neeeddd an idea about the gift... ;(
if anyone has an idea, or suggestion about birthday gift for my mom...i will be so thankful...

have a wonderful weekend! :)



  1. Oh, your cakes look lovely!

    Does mom like minis? How about a mini birthday cake? :)

  2. ~Dale,

    Thank you Dale....:)
    yeah, my mom likes my miniatures..maybe i will give a mini birthday cake.. its a good idea!
    thanks for the idea Dale! :)

  3. Hello, the cakes are fantastics. You have an award at my blog:
    You can accept it if you want. Congratulations for your work!

  4. You do amazing cakes!! And thank you for following my blog, Christina :).

  5. really cute cakes.. and i am sure those are delicious :)
    nice blog
    please visit my blog too and follow if you like it :)
    thanks and have a nice day

  6. ~Núria
    Hi Núria! thank you...i'm so happy to accept the award.. and congratulations, Spain became the World Cup 2010 champions :)

    Thank you angela... :)

    welcome Sans.. :) thank you for following my blog too

    ~ Turquoise and Lily
    Hi! welcome! you have a wonderful blog about fashions :) you should visit my friends' fashion blog! &